Faculty of Physics
University of Vienna
Prof. Helmuth Hüffel



November 27 - 29, 2009





Egidijus Norvaisas (Vilnius):


Quantum corrections in Bound State Approach to Heavy Baryons



The Skyrme model is topological soliton model describing properties of baryons at low energies. A chiral symmetric effective mesonic field represents approximately chiral symmetric QCD Lagrangian in the limit of large NC. The approach treating hyperons as bound states of Skyrme solitons and non-topological fields of K mesons was introduced by Callan and Klebanov. We consider the Skyrme model unitary fields U(x,t) belonging to an arbitrary irreducible representation of the SU(3) group. The bounded meson field is expanded perturbativelly. Therefore model Lagrangian brakes into two parts corresponding soliton and meson field with soliton field in the background. We treat soliton field quantum mechaniclly ab initio. The canonical quantization of the soliton respecting noncommutativity of quantum variables leads to quantum soliton stabilizing term which depends on representation and lowers soliton mass. The Wess-Zumino term plays a crucial role for the bound field and also depend on representation. We find semiclassical Hamiltonian describing bounds states in the background of the quantum soliton. The representation influence to the explicit expression of Hamiltonian can be interpreted as a new discrete phenomenological parameter of the model. The calculations are done for the spectra of the strange, charm and bottom baryons, where they are treated as a bound states of quantum soliton and appropriate flavor meson.






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