Faculty of Physics
University of Vienna
Prof. Helmuth Hüffel



November 28 - 30, 2008







Konstantinos Anagnostopoulos (Athens):


Probing Non-Perturbative String Dynamics Using Monte Carlo Simulations



It is conjectured that large N supersymmetric matrix models, defined in 0,1 and 2 dimensions, can be used to formulate superstring/M theories.  Zero dimensional matrix models and supersymmetric matrix quantum mechanics have been studied intensely using monte carlo techniques. We present an overview of these efforts formulating some interesting questions that can be studied using these methods and describing the state of the art of the field. We summarize some important results obtained so far: A scenario for dynamical compactification of extra dimensions, a test of gauge/gravity duality and a study of the microscopic origin of black hole thermodynamics coming from string theory.

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