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Prof. Helmuth Hüffel



November 28 - 30, 2008








We cordially invite you to participate in the fifth "Vienna Central European Seminar on Particle Physics and Quantum Field Theory", which will take place at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Vienna, Boltzmanngasse 5, A-1090 Vienna, from Friday November 28 to Sunday November 30, 2008.

This year, Highlights in Computational Quantum Field Theory has been chosen as subject. The present status of Monte Carlo event generation for collider experiments and the GRID technology are presented. In perturbative quantum field theory automation of loop and precision calculations are covered, at the nonperturbative level advances in lattice QCD as well as simulations of M-theory, supergravity and black holes.

We would like to inform you that the deadlines for all applications have been changed; please refer to the list below for the new dates. More information on the application procedures will be available in the "2nd announcement", forthcoming in March.


fellowships for junior scientists,
letters of recommendation
June 15


June 15
accommodation Oct. 12
poster session Nov. 16
online application form Nov. 23


The new seminar series "Vienna Central European Seminar on Particle Physics and Quantum Field Theory" was created in 2004 and is intended to provide stimulating interactions between leading researchers and promising junior physicists. A considerable number of junior scientists participate in these meetings, and we receive special grants for them.

Furthermore, we are creating a platform for junior scientists: Speakers are selected from among them, discussion rounds and poster sessions are held. The innovative character of the meetings is especially important to us, and scientific contacts and collaborations are enhanced.

The "Vienna Central European Seminar on Particle Physics and Quantum Field Theory" serves as a forum for coordinating conferences, schools and graduate courses in the Central European region. Please see the webpage http://cepgc.phy.hr/ for information on the "Central European Joint Program of Doctoral Studies in Theoretical Physics". Nine Central European universities and institutions have joined in a collaboration to strengthen and develop their Ph.D. programmes.

The seminar is supported by

The Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research
The High Energy Physics Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
The Erwin Schrödinger International Institute of Mathematical Physics.
Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna.
Vienna Convention Bureau.


We remain with sincere regards,


Helmuth Hüffel


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